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About    Yangtze Óptica

In 2017
● Once again won the national "high-tech enterprise" title
● Strategy development, enter the overseas market and form a breakthrough
In 2016
● Exit G.hn high-speed access and home connected products and pass the test
● TL9000, OHSAS18001, ISO14001 certification
● Won the title of “Gazelle Enterprise” in Donghu Technical Development Zone
In 2015
● Won the title of "Hubei Provincial Certified Enterprise Technology Center"
● Approved National High-Tech Research and Development Technology (863 Program) Project
● Won Wuhan "Technical Innovation Demonstration Enterprise"
In 2014
● Won the national "high-tech enterprise" title
● Won the title of "Hubei Provincial Certified Enterprise Technology Center"
● Won the title of "3551 Optical Valley Talent Enterprise"
In 2013
● Won Wuhan "2013 Economic Contribution Enterprise" Award
● Network management system achieves unified management of EPON and EOC through access network cluster management protocol
In 2012
● Winning the First EPON Equipment Acquisition for the State Grid
● Won the title of “Gazelle Enterprise” in Donghu Technical Development Zone
● Approved the National Development and Reform Commission's Next-Generation Internet Technology R&D, Industrialization, and Scale Commercial Projects
In 2011
● Introduces a new generation of carrier-grade high-density EPON OLTs: C8500
● Radio and television market more than 20 provinces to achieve EPON, EOC sales
● Power EPON obtains scale application and launches EPON power collection products
In 2010
● The company's annual sales revenue exceeds 100 million yuan for the first time
● Entered the EOC market, launched a full range of EOC central office and terminal products
● Entering the EPON market for electric power and exiting EPON distribution network products
In 2009
● Strategic development, entering the broadcasting and TV market
● Continuous exit of new cassette EPON OLT: C1500, C2000
● Won the first prize of Hubei Science and Technology Invention Award
In 2008
● Pass China Telecom EPON MDU equipment test
● Became one of the first four manufacturers in China that can develop MDU equipment
● Winning China Telecom's First EPON Acquisition, Acquisition and Merging into Six Provinces and Municipalities
In 2007
● Introduced the industry's largest capacity OLT C8000 with 48 PON ports
● Pass China Telecom's first EPON equipment test to become a Class A manufacturer
● Wins the First Million Enterprise Network FTTH Order
In 2006
● On October 9, Wuhan Yangtze Optical Technology Co., Ltd. was established on the basis of the Changfei Optical Network Department by four companies including Changjiang Communication, Hubei Light Source, Changfei, and Feihong Optical Network.